Healthy Eating

with transplanted kidney

As kidney recipients, we have to take our anti-rejection pills every day. Those pills save our lives, but in the long run, they also have a downside. The pills increase the chance of getting diabetes, this is why nephrologists highly suggested to avoid sugar and white wheat (eg. bread, pasta, cereals, white rice).

I guess the best way to keep a healthy diet is to be able to cook at home, this way I have the most control of the amount of salt, sugar and oil I use. I know, it is not an easy task for everyone but it is essential if you want to keep your kidney healthy for many years. Salt is giving much work to the transplanted kidney so, at home, we try to use it the least possible.

My wife and I invest time and make homemade muesli, sauces and healthy desserts. I also started to grow sourdough and make bread! Still need to improve but it is delicious and rewarding! It all takes time but it is completely worth it! I will post recipes and photos in the future. The bonus point is that when we go out to a restaurant, I can enjoy the food without feeling bad.

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