Kidney Day Awareness

Today is Kidney awareness day. 2.5 years ago I went through kidney transplant after an intensive year in dialysis and this day means a lot to me.

I would like to use this occasion to raise awareness about the importance of kidney donation by explaining a few facts from my own experience about dialysis treatment.

Most dialysis patients in my country wait 4 years in average for a kidney transplant while spending 14 hours a week in dialysis.

Few facts about dialysis:

Chronic Kidney Disease progresses in stages and, if untreated, can lead to complete loss of kidney function. At CKD stage 5, when both kidneys fail completely, the only options for survival are dialysis or kidney transplant.

After a while, you stop urinating and then you have to measure the amount of water that you drink in order to remove them mechanically via the dialysis machine. I have to say, luckily, some patients continue urinating.

Forget about vegetables (literally, if you will eat too many tomatoes you could die), anything E additives, fruits, soft drinks, whole wheat, etc...

Chronic fatigue, the dialysis machine filters the blood 4 hours per session 3 times a week. On the contradictory, healthy kidney filters the blood 24 hours a day. After each session, your body is becoming very tired and often you will suffer from headaches and other side effects.

Let’s use this day to raise awareness for organ donation and when you meet a dialysis patient who looks perfectly normal, give him/her a huge hug because he/she is a warrior.

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