Some optimism for kidney recipients during the COVID-19

Interesting study that every kidney transplant recipient or dialysis patient should read!

New studies examine outcomes of kidney transplant recipients with COVID-19. I took the most important and positive parts of the article for you to read. I hope it will help live those Corona times with more hope and enjoy the summer. Don't forget to... ;)

"Two new studies examine the health and outcomes of patients with COVID-19 who have undergone kidney transplantation or are receiving hemodialysis

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to identify individuals who are at high risk of developing severe forms of the disease. Kidney transplant recipients--who take life-long immunosuppressive drugs and tend to have additional illnesses--may be especially vulnerable. Early reports indicate that kidney transplant recipients who are hospitalized for COVID-19 have similar symptoms and outcomes as other patients, but little is known about how they fare in the outpatient setting, when they are not admitted to a hospital.

To provide insights, clinicians led by Sumit Mohan, MD, MPH and S. Ali Husain, MD, MPH (Columbia University Medical Center) described their early experience with outpatient kidney transplant recipients with established or suspected COVID-19 seen at their medical center.

Of 41 patients who were included, 22 (54%) had confirmed COVID-19 and 19 (46%) were suspected cases. Patients most commonly reported fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Most patients' symptoms went away without the need for hospitalization.

Thirteen (32%) patients required hospitalization, and these patients were more likely to have shortness of breath and higher levels of a blood marker for impaired kidney function. There were no differences in demographics or medical illnesses between those who were or were not admitted to the hospital."

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